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Growth begins with successful collaboration


In future, more companies will find themselves unable to recruit enough skilled workers. Discover how further training and new methods can lead you out of this impasse.

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The SEI Laboratory provocatively and consciously questions outdated wisdom, false prejudices and individual habits. The question is not whether something is right or wrong, but what is my viewpoint on it?
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Freedom – an expression of will or scope for action

Free is who can do what he wants. This is how freedom is usually defined. But this is only one side of all freedom.


What is FREEDOM to you?
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Every organization has its own challenges. Needed specialists and managers must be found or built up and maintained. We have solutions that are so good that our customers can look forward to new employer attractiveness.
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"SEI oversees professional and personal development within our company worldwide. This enables us to harmonise even the most diverse cultures and bring them into line with our corporate values. The visual career map also provides us with a unique tool for successfully integrating colleagues around the globe into our organisation and supporting their development."

Daniel Erni , Founder & President , ERNI Global AG

"SEI has been recruiting and developing junior software-development staff for Allianz Deutschland for several years, enabling us to grow sustainably and successfully cope with digital change. I would happily bring back SEI on board at any time; the results and cooperation have been excellent."

Theodor Mayer , Strategic Projects , Allianz Deutschland AG