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It is worth getting to know us!


SEI is an international education and consulting group headquartered in Zurich. Since 2010, a team of creators, thinkers, discoverers, developers and educational specialists has been implementing development measures and helping national and international companies to overcome skilled-worker shortages and to improve cooperation between specialists.

Education as the shaper of the future

We know the challenges that attractive employers face and the opportunities that exist from having built up our own companies and not just from theory. We share this knowledge with European software development, consulting and insurance companies. We support large SMEs with the development and professionalisation of their personnel development. We help international corporations to grow their organisations faster and more effectively in times of skilled-worker shortages. Limits do not restrict us; instead, they magically attract us. Our team has lived, worked or spent time in over 80 countries, and this wealth of cultural experience helps both our customers and us.