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For those who do not want to leave thinking to others.

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Gain personal insights and sharpen your profile as a manager. Provocatively and consciously in our SEI Lab you question outdated wisdom, false prejudices or obstructive habits.

"Questions of leadership are questions of philosophy"

Martin Brasser

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In future, more companies will find themselves unable to recruit enough skilled workers. Discover how further training and new methods can lead you out of this impasse.

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„With each discussion and each lab I get to know me much better.“

Werner Thurnheer, Geschäftsführer, Tarifverbund OSTWIND

Exciting confrontation with provocative philosophical approaches, how these influence our leadership behavior in combination with the professional moderation. An inspirational day with interesting executives from different industries.

Irina Leutwyler, CEO, Cellpack Electrical Products

"There were some extremely interesting persons present at the seminar. Harry Frankfurt and Aristotle's views on the subject were very interesting, and the term "freedom" was presented in a philosophical dimension with regard to economics and, of course, politics. For me, engaging in intensive discussion for hours with just a few people was a new format, and I benefited greatly from it. The concluding meal was also an important aspect for me, because it allowed me to once again reflect on the entire experience.


M. Neumeyer, ehemaliger Integrationsbeauftragter der bayerischen Staatsregierung, MDL Landrat Landkreis Kehlheim

"In SEI's "Lab", entrepreneurs and managers have the opportunity to exchange ideas about leadership and corporate goals at a high level in unusual locations. The unique thing about it is that these topics are reflected and discussed against the background of fundamental philosophical values such as freedom and happiness. Valuable input and professional moderation mean that all the participants benefit greatly. I absolutely recommend it!

C. Beck, Inhaberin, Wortland

"I really liked the Laboratory. I found the group, the number of participants and the way in which the topic was approached very exciting and interesting. And naturally, as someone with a master's degree in philosophy I felt personally addressed – but it was clear that, even without a philosophical background, the topic and the approach were very much appreciated and that the use of philosophical approaches therefore continues to be relevant. Consequently, the time I spent there was well invested (despite how difficult it was to find it) and I think it is a really good and sustainable setup.

A. Uelsberg , Employee Relation Manager, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

"The SEI Laboratory is extremely inspiring. Working with philosophical models – far removed from everyday work but with a clear reference to management tasks – opens up new perspectives on one's own management style. Another clear benefit is the opportunity to meet interesting executives from other industries. I'm already looking forward to the next SEI Laboratory!

Dr. B. Flach, Teamleiter, Knorr-Bremse

"The SEI Laboratory is a wonderful opportunity to escape from day-to-day business for a few hours and to reflect on and discuss the principles of cooperation on a meta-level. Very inspiring."

T. Michahelles, Director of Business Devlopment, Intent Media